Week 5 8th to 14th July

Runs           5
Distance    80.7km
Weight       80.2kg
The weather in Tokyo is getting very hot and we had a few consecutive 35 degree days.I was fortunate that I managed to get out in the mornings because even at 8pm it is too hot to run. On Friday morning I noticed that it had not cooled down much from the previous evening and I found the going very tough. Fortunately we were able to escape to Nagano for the weekend and I could do my longest run since February. I cannot imagine running 25km in this sort of heat in Tokyo so I am hoping that it cools down a bit by next weekend. Other than the relatively moderate temperature, the other advantage of being in Nagano is great food and drink.
IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1978 IMG_1979
Next week will be the end of my first mesocycle so I plan to drop the weekly distance down to 65km to give myself a chance to recover before bumping it back up the following week.
Tuesday Aerobic           12.4km
Wednesday Aerobic     14.1km
Thursday Aerobic         14.3km
Friday Aerobic              14.1km
Sunday Aerobic            25.8km (Nagano Hills)

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