Week 4 1st to 7th July

Runs           6

Distance    87.2km
Weight       80.6kg
Another satisfactory week: 6 runs, 4 before breakfast starting at 5:30am or earlier and 80+km. All runs were done at MAF so were quite slow. On Saturday the weather turned hot and went way over 30 degrees C. I started my run at 15:30 when it was still 31C and I felt weighed down by the heat almost immediately. I am still trying to stay in the 135 – 140 bpm zone so my pace dropped down by almost 1 minute per km. I guess that there is no point in complaining as it will be like this for the next 2 months. The plan is to continue with MAF for July and August and then start the Marathon Paced Sessions (MPS) in September, building up from 5 or 10km to 26km right before the race. If I am to achieve my goal of 3:10, then all the MPS will have to be at 4:30 pace which is so much faster than I am running now.
Tuesday Aerobic           12.4km
Wednesday Aerobic     16.4km
Thursday Aerobic         12.4km
Friday Aerobic              12.4km
Saturday Aerobic         21.2km
Sunday Aerobic           12.4km

2 thoughts on “Week 4 1st to 7th July

  1. Another good week.Running in the heat is hard. Great will power getting up so early. As you know I raced recently at 6 AM and have promised myself ‘never again’. If I was to suggest anything I would suggest not to do too many Km per week at this stage. Certainly less than 100km.

    • Thanks, Jon. The plan is to run 80km this week and drop down to 65km for next week and then repeat to try and keep it at 300km for July and August and then start the hard stuff.

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