Week 3 24th – 30th June


Runs           6
Distance    87.2km
Weight       81.6kg
June Total 264km
 The highlight of this week was definitely getting my heart rate monitor and starting MAF training – Thank you to Mayumi for bringing it over from the US! I had wanted to start heart rate training 2 years ago and I sent away for the Garmin chest strap to go with my Forerunner 405. However, almost immediately it reacted with my skin and it remains virtually unused. In January of this year Stan sent me a link to the Mio Alpha HR monitor which fits on your wrist like a watch and I knew my prayers were answered. The only downside is that it does not have GPS functionality so I end up wearing my Garmin as well. It is tough staying within the aerobic zone but I am hoping that by the end of the summer I will see results.
The other highlight of the week is continuing with my early morning runs and bumping them up form 10km to 12km. When you run along the Tamagawa river before 6am in the morning it is a joy to see the KokuGakuIn University runners. Generally they come by in three groups of 12 runners followed by a coach on a bicycle with a basket full of sports drinks and a stop watch. They  run by in complete license with wonderful form.
Tuesday Aerobic           12.4km
Wednesday Aerobic     12.4km
Thursday Aerobic         13.3km
Friday Aerobic              12.4km
Saturday Aerobic         16.4km
Sunday Aerobic           20.3km

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