MAF Test

I started heart rate training tonight and did my first MAF Test. My MAF heart rate is 140 so I set the heart rate zone from 135 ~ 140. Although this resulted in a 6 min/km pace, I did find it hard enough going. I think that this was because I was always trying to stay in the zone which proved more difficult than expected. My total run was 1:20 but only 56 mins were in the zone. I was surprised that I often found myself on the low side and my average heart rate for the run was 135, although that includes stops. I am hoping that I will get the hang of running at 140 beats to the minute and I won’t have to rely on the monitor so much.

Test results 9:56/9:52:/9:45

I believe that it is supposed to go in the opposite direction but hopefully by the end of July I will start to get it right.


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