Week 1 10th to 16th June

Runs        3
Distance   41.7km
Weight      82.0kg
I stopped eating cereal and white bread for breakfast in an effort to reduce refined carbohydrates. Let’s see how long that lasts! I have also started to eat almonds for my snacks but I might be eating a few too many of them. My new Mio Alpha heart rate monitor has arrived in Los Angeles (it is not yet shipped outside of the US and Canada) and I should have it by the end of the month to start my heart rate training in July. Here is a review:
I also put a training plan together based on Steve’s advice but it does require said heart monitor.
I replaced my Garmin Wrist Band after many hours of struggle, thanks to Namban and YouTube.
And I started this blog.
I guess I am almost ready.
Wednesday Intervals 9km
  • 1200m 4:35
  • 1200m 4:26
  • 1200m 4:27
  • 1000m 3:45
  • 1000m 3:47
  • 400m 1:20
Saturday Aerobic 12.4km
Sunday Aerobic 20.3km

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